Prof. hab. dr. Vilius Palenskis
chief research fellow

Short biography
Vilius Palenskis was born in Lithuania in 1941. He graduated from the faculty of Physics at the Vilnius University in 1965. He received the doctoral degree in 1977. Since 1980 he has been associated professor and head of the Noise research laboratory at the Vilnius University, since 2004 he is professor of Radiophysics department. His scientific research has been mostly in fundamental properties of low-frequency noise in materials (metals, thin films, semiconductors, superconductors, magnetics) and electronic devices (p-n, tunnel and Schottky diodes, bipolar and field-effect transistors, semiconductor lasers, avalanche photodiodes and others) and their applications.

Scientific projects:
1. The International Science Foundation Grant No. LAH000 „Noise mechanisms in the high-temperature superconductors, semiconductors and semiconductor devices“, 1994, Principal Investigator.
2. The International Science Foundation Grant No. LI4100 „Noise mechanisms in the high-temperature superconductors, semiconductors and semiconductor devices“, 1995, Principal Investigator.
3. Commission of European Community Contract No. 4517. Grant to support “The 7th Vilnius Conference on Fluctuation Phenomena in Physical Systems”, 1994.
4. Prioritetinė Lietuvos mokslinių tyrimų ir eksperimentinės plėtros programa. Mokslinių tyrimų projektas „Naujos kartos nanometrinių protakų su dvimatėmis elektronų dujomis fliuktuacinė spektroskopija“ , sutartis C-33/2005/2006, VU projekto dalies vadovas.
5. BPD 1.5 priemonės projektas „Fliuktuacinių procesų laboratorijų infrastruktūros esminis išplėtimas fundamentiniams ir taikomiesiems greitaveikių puslaidininkinių prietaisų tyrimams“, VU projekto dalies vadovas.

Prof. dr. Jonas Matukas
chief research fellow

Short biography
Jonas Matukas was born in Lithuania in 1957 01 01. In 1980 he received the diploma of physics speciality ( Vilnius University , Lithuania ). In 1993 - Doctor of Nature Science in Physics (Vilnius University, Lithuania) - PhD thesis “The low-frequency noise and charge carrier transport in GaAs Schottky-barrier diodes with nonhomogeneous distribution of active centres in the interface layer” has been presented at Vilnius University on March 18, 1993 (supervisor Prof. Vilius Palenskis).

1980–1981 laboratory assistant at Vilnius University Radiophysics Dep.
1981–1993 scientific researcher at Vilnius University Radiophysics Dep.
1993-2001 senior scientific researcher at Vilnius University Radiophysics Dep.
Since 2000 associate professor at Vilnius University Radiophysics Dep.

Main scientific activities:
Prof. dr. Jonas Matukas is an author or co-author of 156 scientific papers, has presented his works in international and national conferences. After recieving a PhD degree has published 83 scientific articles.
His research interests are noise mechanisms and charge transfer in advanced optoelectronic and electronic devices with nanostructures (MQW laser diodes, avalanche photodetectors, new generation HBT and FET transistors).
Jonas Matukas also contributes to the creation of terminology in the fields of radiophysics, microelectronics and electronics.

Pedagogical activities:
Since 1990 Jonas Matukas leads Lab acitivities on statistical radiophysics for the 4th year BSc students of Telecommunication Physics and Electronics. Has prepared educational material and since 1995 lecture a new course "Information Theory".

Assoc. prof. dr. Jonas Matukas is also an author/co-author of the following educational books:
1. J. Matukas. Informacijos teorijos pradmenys. Mokymo priemonė (Vilnius, 2000), 73 p.
2. V. Palenskis, J. Matukas, S. Pralgauskaitė. Lazeriniai diodai. Pagalbinė mokymo priemonė bakalaurams ir magistrams (Vilnius, 2000), 100 p.
3. K. Gaivenis, G. Juška, V. Kalesinskas, A. Kaulakienė, S. Keinys, J. Matukas, V. Palenskis, A. Petravičius, S. Sakalauskas, A. Stabinis,, V. Valiukėnas, V. Žalkauskas. Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas (lietuvių, anglų, prancūzų, vokiečių ir rusų kalbų – 19000 terminų). Vyr. Redaktorius V. Palenskis – Vilnius: Litimo, 2000, 1340 p.

dr. Sandra Pralgauskaitė
senior research fellow

Short biography
Sandra Pralgauskaitė was born in 1975 in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 1993, she entered Vilnius University Physics Faculty, where received Bachelor Degree in Radiophysics and Master Degree in Telecommunication Physics and Electronics in 1997 and 1999, respectively.
During 1997-1999 Sandra Pralgauskaitė worked as engineer at the Training Center of “Lithuanian Telecom”. In 1999 Sandra Pralgauskaitė started doctoral studies in Semiconductors Physic Institute (Lithuania). In 2003 Sandra Pralgauskaitė has defended doctoral dissertation on “Optical and electrical low-frequency noise characteristics of multimode and singlemode InGaAsP/InP multiple-quantum well laser diodes” and received doctor degree in Physical science. Since 2003 Sandra Pralgauskaitė is working in Radiophysics Department of Vilnius University.

The main research interests of Dr. Sandra Pralgauskaitė are optoelectronic devices, noise characterization, quality and reliability of electronic devices.

Prof. dr. Alvydas Lisauskas
chief research fellow

Justinas Zdanevičius
PhD Student

Topic of thesis: Rectification by plasma waves in 2D electron gas and its application for terahertz detection.

Kęstutis Ikamas
PhD Student

Topic of thesis: Semiconductor devices for wireless communications at terahertz frequencies.